About Panahuts

In 1989 my family and I had a chance to visit Mae Hong Sorn, in northern Thailand. I liked the beautiful environment that was still well reserved. I also liked the people; they were all sincere, kind and friendly. In 1999 I had another chance to come here and I had the same feeling I had had 10 years before and thought about saving money for a land here. A few years ago someone offered to sell me a piece of land not far from the town. I went there from Bangkok, to take a look at the land. I found that it was on a slope in a small valley with a little creek flowing by. I really liked the surroundings. I thought this would be an ideal place for cottages because it was peaceful and just a 10 or 15 minute walk away from the town. We started building Pana Huts in 2002. After one year of constructing and furnishing, it was finished. We now welcome all guests, visitors, and travelers to spend some time with us in this quiet but enjoyable place – Pana Huts.